The Great Bookworm

The Great Bookworm called Albi has been moved to the gardens of the newly built Garibaldi Library.

He starts his life a fresh, flourishes and GLOWS in his new environment. But soon, the other worms become jealous of Albi’s GLOW.

What will Albi do? Will the Great Bookworm share his ‘secret’ on how to become an amazing GLOW worm?

Max’s Magnificent Glasses

The story is based on a young boy who attended my mother’s kindergarten. A shy, withdrawn boy who followed my mother around until one day he asked her, if she would please make him a pair of glasses just like hers. He wore his glasses home, to bed and to kinder the next day. This true story was the springboard for the tale that I’ve published.

The glasses give Max “super powers” to see and do incredible things.

Max’s Magnificent Glasses has been printed in a children’s picture book format however the messages it contains are for all!

Captain Loose Tooth

Captain Loose Tooth is one of the meanest and fiercest pirates ever to sail the seven seas… and he hates children!

He has a lot to be upset about: he and his crew are lost and starving, they have no treasure or treasure map. To make things worse, the captain has lost his tooth!

With things looking so grim, could the rescue of a young boy be just what they need?

The Very Long Sausage Dog

Sprinkles is a cheeky dog. She consumes a range of unusual items and develops a condition that makes her body grow in length! She becomes a very long sausage dog! The condition cannot be reversed. Sprinkles is now a unique dog!

What will become of Sprinkles?

Monster Spray

What lives in your wardrobe? Do you hear noises at night when you are going to sleep? 

Marcus heard noises coming from his wardrobe and he bravely went to find out what was making those sounds. Guess what he discovered? A group of MONSTERS! The monsters have a factory in the back of Marcus’s wardrobe, and they produce hundreds of cans of MONSTER SPRAY!

What fun will Marcus get up to with the MONSTERS and their MAGICAL spray?

George’s Gigantic Telescope

George has a new telescope and he can’t believe it when some cute, tiny aliens come to visit him.  They embark on an incredible adventure and George helps the aliens with the recycling of space junk.

How will George travel into space?

This is a wonderful book to incorporate when teaching/discussing the theme of space, space travel and space junk.

Miss Silverstein

(Chapter book)

Miss Silverstein is extraordinary third grade teacher. Her classroom comes alive with the help of her friend, Tappeto, a magical carpet. Together with Miss Silverstein’s class they travel to the Amazon Rainforest and this becomes an incredible learning adventure.

What amazing things can Tappeto do?

Where will Tappeto take Miss Silverstein and her class?

Captain Loose Tooth

(Chapter book)

This is a chapter book version of the original picture book – Captain Loose Tooth; a great book for emerging readers.